Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday night...

The weekend went by too quick. I don't even feel rested for the upcoming work week. I'd love to be working nights already, then I'd still have sort of another half day to rest but I don't. Saturday I went stash shopping, it was fun. I'm already stitching on something that I bought. I had to frog twice already and I hardly have anything done but I'm enjoying it. I'm stitching Elizabeth's Designs "In The Heart Of My Garden." Like I said I have not much done so I won't even bother with a WIP picture. I bought other ED's charts and like 3 Shepherd's Bush. I went with a mental list so I'm proud to say I didn't stray from it.

I bought Ana this dog pillow and it's so cute, it looks great in my room too. The color compliments the paint on my wall. She likes it, which is shocking since she's allowed on the bed and prefers it to anything else. Last night I'm assuming that she waited for me to go to sleep and spent the entire night afterwards on her pillow because when I woke up that's where she was. I'm glad she likes it, I'm trying to ween her off my bed because I'd like to buy some white-ish sheets and since she sheds like crazy it really wouldn't be a good idea to get them if she's going to hop on the bed.

I dread going to work tomorrow. Not because I don't like going but because I'd like just one day to sleep in and bum around. I only have 2 days off this week and it sucks when you compare it to the other weeks I've been working. I'm getting tired just thinking about it so I guess I'll try to stop thinking about it.

I celebrated V-Day early with my cousins. I love them so much, it's funny how we all got so close when we all moved away from eachother LOL. We all use to live in one building and hung out but not as much and then our parent's all bought houses and *poof* we're instant best friends. Kelly and I never celebrate V-Day, don't know why but we never do. We've going through problems lately which suck. No arguements, it's just that since I started working it's like we hardly have any together time. My off days don't coincide with his off days and when they do I have to work the next day and really can't hang out. It's sad but hopefully we'll get use to it.

Well that's all from me, I have to wash my hair and do some other preparations for tomorrow. Good night!

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