Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Productive Crafty Morning

I woke up around my usual time - 10:30ish. I felt that yesterday was so unorganized and such a waste of a day off that today I'd schedule some activities for myself, that way I'd feel like I've done something. My schedule, of course, has been thrown out of the window since I'm sitting here in front of the computer blogging.

Umm so far I've finished one quilt block and got to stitch on this freebie I'm stitching on. I know I've been complaining about not being able to stitch but I now know the reason why I wasn't stitching now. I am no longer going to commit myself to stitch things for other people. I just can't do it. It's put me in a stitching funk. RR's are ok since they are fun and the theme I chose to do is something that interests me but other things I'll no longer do. I just hope I can stitck to this. I really miss stitching so much and stitching on something that I like makes me happy. I'm going to stitch one more thing for someone else and drop one commitment, which makes me feel horrible but I just have to do it. Oh but I will continue my ornaments - I like doing those :-D

Well today The Notebook comes out and I plan to go buy it as well as Vanity Fair - been meaning to buy it but I can only find the Fullscreen version *ewww* and I want the Widescreen version - wish DVDs were like the old ones that brought both. I also need to go to the PO for my sister, her grandmother passed away 2 days ago and she had to fly to Ecuador last minute and has trusted me to mail out her bills. Well ta-ta for now, I'm going to shower and get out of here :-)

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