Sunday, February 06, 2005

Interesting Day

My preceptor thinks I'm ready to be on my own. She told me last night and it pretty much scared me, since it's like I'd have my own set of patients to do EVERYTHING to. She did leave me alone for the morning and let me tell you one patient can throw your entire routine off but or course with my luck it was 3 paitents that threw me off *sigh* My preceptor did come to the rescue and I can't tell you how nice she is. I'm always scared that I'll get stuck with a total bitch but she is so sweet, if I were a patient in a hospital I'd want her to be my nurse. Actually thanks to her our patients think I'm pretty great too :-)

Anyway, today was interesting. Whenever there is something to be done that I've never done before, I'm always the first one to volunteer. I had one instructor who would pick on me for that - not in a bad way of course. She would go before I ask anyone, Mercy would you like to do fill in the blank, or she'd go eventhough Mercy will get upset I'm going to have to ask so and so to do this. I really like working, don't know why. I'm a pretty lazy person except when it comes to work. So far I love nursing because there's always something to do, I'm pretty sure those words will come back to bite me in the ass but as of now I love it, I get bored easily and as long as I'm busy I'm happy.

Oh well back to what I was going to say - sorry about the tangent. Today a patient on my floor died. Not to sound cruel or morbid but I've been waiting for this patient to die and was worried she'd die on the night shift or right before I got to work, I really wanted to get the experience of handling an expired patient - I've always hated it when they say expired, but that's the technical word that they use. Well I got to help wrap, tag, and bag. It was really cool. I told my mother and she sort of yelled at me because I was happy about what I was able to do but then she laughed. I guess she half understood because from the outside world, I guess I can see where someone would see it as weird maybe even disrespectful that I'd be happy that someone died but if you look at it from my eyes then her dying was a lesson for me. It was a bit creepy when I first was told that the patient had died because I swear like 2 mintues before I had helped the nurse pull her higher in bed. When I was told I caught a chill up my back.

Well that was my interesting day - I'm tired and am off to bed. I have the next 3 days off *yea* and plan to sleep and veg out. Nighty night :-)

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debbi said...

Sounds like you really like your job and even better, you don't even mind taking on some of the harder tasks that others might shy away from. Good for you!