Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I've almost decided to take on a second job. I went to an agency today to get some info on it. Wednesday is orientation and after that I'll get to tell the agency which day(s) I want to work. I'll be a school nurse and hopefully my one day of working won't be too busy since how many kids can get sick in one day? (Please if someone knows the answer DO NOT tell me LOL) The person who interviewed me told me I'd be placed in a school super close to home (which is good) and to bring a book when I work because it can be slow. I won't be making much I figure if I work one day a week I can bring in a few hundred dollars which I will dedicate to paying off my school loans which is why I want this job in the first place. I'm greedy when it comes to money and the more I can get the happier I'll be. Plus then I can save my check from my full time job and do more things. I don't know though I'm also greedy when it comes to sleep so I'm not sure which one will win. Plus I can do it one day a month if I wanted to but I'd like to do it 3 days a month really. We'll see.

Nashville market...ahhh the goodies that came out of that. I've been wanting to order some things but haven't had the guts to press the submit order button. Don't know why again. I think it's because I want to go to Jersey to get my stash rather than waiting for it to be delivered. But when you think of it - it's the same thing I have to wait to go to Jersey just like I have to wait to get my stash delivered.

We've added a new member to the Kelly/Mercy family. The puppy Kelly was "fostering" has become one of our own. Kelly wanted to call her Nakita, I wanted Abby so her name is Niki. I like it, Kobe likes her and so does Ana. But they both pretend not to like her which is funny because when they think no one is looking they play with her. She may not stay though but so far she is.

Well that is all! I'm going to stitch or take a nap. I work tomorrow so I need to get as much rest as possible. Standing on your feet for almost 12 hours isn't fun but atleast I've lost about 4 lbs since working so that's a plus :-D TTFN


My Life In Stitches said...

Ahhh, I understand the submit button. :0) I have also been wanting to order some things, but wanted to wait til I could go to my LNS first. She had plans to go to Market but a family emergency kept her from being able to go. I knew some things would be autos and wanted to wait to see. I did get some stuff today and then came home to click that submit button finally. LOL Now I hate waiting too and it will be a few weeks before it gets here. :0(
Good luck with the moonlighting. That is what my DH is doing to now...he can work it from home, so it isn't really any less time with us.
Happy Stitching,

debbi said...

Decisions, decisions.... the moonlighting sounds interesting but why do I not think it's as easy as they are making it out to be? Good luck with your decision. hugs, debbi