Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I swear I had something to write about and *poof* it has left my head. This sucks! Ummm tomorrow is work. For some reason I'm dreading it. It feels like the butterflies that I had in my stomach for the first day of work are back and I don't know why :(

Well I've updated the iPod with some new tunes. I rode the train today and I must say these are definitely train jams. I bought a bunch of DVDs at Circuit City today well not a bunch but 7, they were having a $7.49 and 2/$20 sale that I couldn't resist. It was funny because I just went there for gift certificate for my cousin and next thing I know I have 7 DVDs in my hand. I just put them in the stack of unwatched DVDs so I'm not sure when I'll watch them. I know soon I'll watch The Notebook - I read the book and cried so I'm pretty sure I'll cry during the movie and even if I didn't cry while reading the book, I'd still cry during the movie - I'm such a wuss, I cry at everything even commercials LOL.

I may have a new stitching finish soon. I have something small enough that I can stitch on while riding the train but I'm also reading a book so don't know what I'll do. The book is ok - it's hard for me to read because the way it's written it's like the character is talking to you but she talks very sarcastically which I can't get into BUT last night I was reading and it started to get good. Once I'm done I'll see if I recommend it. But if your curious the book is called "The Thin Pink Line" and it's about this girl who fakes her pregnancy by drawing in the pink line with a magic marker so she can get her live in BF to marry her.

Well I'm off to pack my bag for tomorrow. I had a metrocard around here with money on it but lost it. Leave it to me to put it down and say I'm leaving it here because I don't want to lose it and end up losing it! So now I need to find all of my metrocards to take with me tomorrow morning to test out. I will be one of those token confused metrocard people that I hate LOL. Well good night - talk to you on Saturday when I'm able to sit down and bum out again - until then!!!

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