Monday, February 21, 2005

And lastly - the WIP I've been talking about. Not much done but so far so good. BTW this is Elizabeth's Designs "In the Heart of My Garden." Posted by Hello

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Leeny said...


i come to ur blog, expecting to post a comment saying "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" and it's so neat to see all the activity on ur blog again :) first of all, congrats on the citation, i was a little confused before, i was thinking it was a speeding ticket or something, and as i was reading ur post, i thought that doesnt make sense, and of course now i see the pic, it makes total sense, so congrats and a pat on the back for u!!!! :)

also, those needlework magnets are WAAAAAAYYYYY cool, i think they look much nicer than the mill hill ones. and glad to hear that u're stitching too! unfortunately, that hasnt happened for me so far, but yeah, hopefully i will work it in eventually. thanks for sharing ur wip, and keep posting pictures of ur progress until u're done! would love to see more pics. take care, and enjoy the rest of ur week!

eileen :)