Saturday, April 09, 2005

When it rains it pours

I promise that this won't be a totally depressing blog post, or atleast I'll try to not make it into one. I took Ana to the doctor today. She's in great health, but the doctor thinks she may have mites in her ears, where she picked this up from - I don't know but this is a MIGHT have mites because she could also have allergies, which is something all the dogs suffer from around this time, so I'm not to worried about this discovery. When he asked about Kobe, he's popular at the office and I love my vet because Kobe is not the nicest dog while there but my vet understands and loves Kobe anyway our past vet didn't treat him like that anyway, I told him Kobe wasn't doing too well and he's not. I've been too busy to pick him up from the Bronx to bring him to the vet in Brooklyn. He hasn't been eating and Kelly tells me his lymph nodes are swollen again, this time really bad. Today it hit us that maybe he's not eating because it hurts him to swallow :( Well I told the doctor this and he says to bring him in ASAP because he'll have to look at him b/c it may be cancer. This isn't the first time Kobe's lymph nodes have been swollen, the first time the swellen went down with antibiotics but now it's back and it's worse. Thursday we all go to the vet because Ana has to get her ears re-checked. I hope it's not cancer because if it is I'll just have to get him put down, I can't afford any treatments and it makes me sad. I don't want to even think about it, really I don't...

Well I'm off to hug Ana - atleast she's ok. I thought the vet was going to tell me she was fat and needed to go on a diet, Ana would have died if she had to eat less food, I restrict her food now. To me she looks fat but apparently she's healthy LOL. I'll keep her on the same diet, just will have to watch my parents - they LOVE to feed her. TTYL!!!


Leeny said...


big hugs to u. i hope the vet gives u some good news, cos i know i would be absolutely crushed if i were in the same position. sending u best wishes and good thoughts ur way, take care!


debbi said...

Big sad face. :-( boo hoo hoo. I hope Kobe is okay. And Ana will get better. Gotta use the meds and clean them ears out with the icky stuff and they will be all better. They told me Jake has allergies too. I couldn't bring myself to feed him just dog food so he still scratches his ears.

Jersey Mom said...

Oh Mercy,
Coming from someone who's gone through the cancer scare with a pet, please please don't panic, just concentrate on keeping him happy and playing with him until the vet date and don't think about the worse yet, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee...:-(
I KNOW how upsetting it is, but it does work out.