Friday, April 15, 2005

Ana's a spoiled brat!

Yesterday the realization of Ana's "spoiled-ness" came to light. Yesterday was vet day for all 3 dogs, which means Kobe and Nikki had to come over. I thought it would be good so that all three of them could play and at first everything was going ok, then the dogs came in for bath's which means everyone had to come upstairs and were able to go into the rooms where she has her toys. As previously mentioned she doesn't fight for her toys and she didn't but you could really tell that she was pissed by the way she sat there looking at Nikki trying to rip her stuff animals. She even gave us a pathetic look like "please take my toys away from these heathens!" It was funny, towards the end of the night she did not want to be with Kobe and Nikki and whenever they came to bother her she would go upstairs. Even the doctor called her a spoiled brat because she sat across from us in the waiting room acting like she didn't know them LOL. You could also see that when it was time for them to go she got super happy LOL.

The doctor says Kobe just needs more attention - from what he could tell from yesterday. He's not the easiest dog, so he can't be left out during the day for fear that he may attack Kelly's roommate. Kobe's an "iffy" type dog and honestly Kelly is the one of the few that can control him. He's not evil but he really needs an "alpha" in control at all times and his roommate is anything but.

My headache, I think could be a sinus headache. Everytime I breath my head hurts a little bit more. I'm going to take some sinus meds in a little while and go to sleep. Tonight I work and I don't need a headache. I think my tiredness could be from thinking ahead and saying OMG I'm going to be soooo busy that week when will I sleep?!?! So I stress myself out. I've never done that since I started working so I'm going to try to stop and just take it one day at a time like I use to back in my worry free days.

Well my breakfast is ready then I'm going to stitch for a couple of hours then nap - so TTYL!!!

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debbi said...

Ana's not a spoiled brat; she's a Princess!

Get some rest, gf. You got to take care of yourself. hugs, debbi