Thursday, April 28, 2005

Out of Hibernation

Don't know how long I slept last night but I'm finally up AND still a bit sleepy, but I refuse to sleep any longer. I know I put in atleast 12 hours last night LOL.

I had what a bad day at work Tuesday night. Had a patient that screamed all night long and wanted to climb out of the bed - she was so bad that the shift before mine restrained her. I knew I was in for a long night. Only good thing about it was that I learned how to put in a foley because she pulled her's out TWICE! She really pissed me off too because when she pulled it out the second time she handed it to me smiling - I wanted to strangle her really. I know it was that she was confused and the fact that she was russian speaking only didn't help *sigh* Well as soon as the morning hit guess what she does? Fall's fast asleep! I was like why couldn't she sleep on my shift?!?!?! Anyway it's over now and I hope I don't have a night like that one in a long time!

My stitching weekend, as you can probably tell, wasn't really a weekend. It was more like a day. I'm still close to finishing but still so far away. My goal is to finish it by 11-ish so that maybe I can rush to my not so LNS and pick up my framed piece and drop this one off to get framed, as well as the last piece I finished.

Well I'm hungry, I didn't eat yesterday thanks to my long nap - I call it that because my cousin and I were suppose to go out to get food and I told him let me take a nap first and then we'll go hehe. Hope he ate LOL. TTYL!!!

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