Sunday, April 10, 2005

Staying Inside...

Ok I know I've mentioned that I'm trying to save money. I've realized that the only possible way to do this is to stay inside my house. I don't know how, actually I do, but I've managed to spend $700 from my check in 2 days! It's not wasted money but man, I had to work like 2 days for that! I still haven't even paid my bills. Good thing I make good money or else I'd be crying right now. I'm going to sit down and sort out my bills, I like to pay them early but I may be able to buy myself some time since they are due at the end of the month. I think it was taking Ana to the vet that screwed me over. I didn't even get her the DHLP or whatever it's called shot. I've been wanting to NOT get the dogs that shot since reading about the over vaccination of animals and just got her the rabies and lyme vaccine and the bill STILL was alot.

Anyway today I'm just going to get my hair cut and straightened and I'm coming straight home after that to stitch, no stopping off at the mall, no more surfing the web, no more doing anything that requires me buying something I don't need. I even think the next time they need someone to work overtime at work I may do it - LOL I needed a good laugh.

Well must go, my mom just got home and apparently she has twisted her ankle *sigh* I finished In The Garden Of My Heart and of course have scanned it. *Quick happy dance* Off to the next project which I'll share once I choose it. TTYL!!!!

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