Monday, April 04, 2005


Friday had to be the shittest work day on the entire face of this earth! I left wanting to quit and asking myself why did I become a nurse again?!?!? My patients weren't bad, they are always great - I think I love all of my patients even the really demanding ones but the nurse I was relieving was just so *ugh* I get there early so she can leave on time instead she takes her sweet time getting her work done and makes me late - then she gives me no warning that a new admission is on the way and doesn't even give me the report on this new admission. She doesn't pick up all of the orders and it just threw me off my entire schedule. I felt that I couldn't give my patients the time that I like to give them. I was just rushed the entire night. I hope I don't have to relieve her too frequently because I think I'd start to hate my job. The weekend was waaaaaaaaay better and I like my job again.

Well I guess that's all. I have tomorrow off and then I'm back to work for 2 nights. I would like to go to WVAS tomorrow but don't think I will. But I would really like to - like really. I think I just need to be in a peaceful place thanks to Friday - it still bothers me somewhat. No matter how much I pet Ana I'm still not over it LOL.

I'm off to stitch - I'm dying to start something new but want to finish in thegarden of my heart first :) TTYL!!

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