Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another Early Start

Today it was 6:31am when I woke up. It wouldn't bother me if I didn't have to go to work tonight. Don't know why I'm waking up so early, atleast this time I can say I got an entire 5 hours of sleep, so I've had a full nights sleep for 2 days. Is this insomnia?? I'm pretty sure it's not. I'm going to take a nap in a bit, was going to get my hair washed, cut, and blown out but the lady who does all of that to my hair is at the hospital with her father. Hope he's ok...

Stitched this morning while watching my Law and Order SVU DVDs - I swear all of my money goes to DVDs now. I'm going to stop that, really need to save. My cousin and I made a budget that I think I can follow, I just have to stop buying everything I want and see, should be a hard to do but I'll learn.

Dinner last night was ok, Kelly's friend wasn't as loud as he normally is so he was plesant, up until he asked the cashier at Circuit City did she have a problem dating handsome black men. In my head I'm saying he did not just go there, but yup he did. *Sigh* At the end of the night Kelly was cranky from lack of sleep and started giving me an attitude so I just dropped him off at the train station and came home. Spoke to him last night but it was more like him letting me know he got to work ok, not to talk. Didn't matter to me I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed. I'll call him when I'm on my way to work, maybe he'll be in a better mood and I'll be in a shitty mood - it's always like that one day out of the week and I guess today is the day.

Well I'm going to scan my WIP again, almost to the finish line but still so far away. No more stitching until Friday since I must work the next two days. Oh funny thing, work calls me last night to come in at 12 midnight to work. That was a hoot for me. Never would I ever do that, I feel like that would be allowing them to form bad habits. I'm off to take a nap, I'm sleepy now. TTYL!!

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