Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stitching weekend

I have decided to make this a stitching weekend for myself. I only have these 2 days off from work before I go back and they usually go pretty quick. To be honest I think I like working the weekend and having my off days during the week because I get so much more time to do things.

Anyhow, I don't want to say but at the same time want to say that I might be done with my Ladybug Cottage this weekend :) While my family was here, I chose to stitch and talk with them and it wasn't all that hard either. I've satin stitched my entire roof, something I wanted to leave for last but didn't, and now all I have to do are the vines on the corner, some more satin stitch, backstitch my sun, and pop on some beads. Sounds like alot but it really isn't. If I feel like it I may even fix the mistake I made but most likely I won't - I really don't care about it. I'm not sure what to work on next. Usually I have an idea but 2 days ago I put away ALL of my stash and have nothing out to entice me. What a silly move to make I tell you.

Well I'm off - for some strang reason I can only stay up late at work and now as soon as 1 am hits I'm falling asleep like I'm a little old lady hehe. Will hopefully post a picture of a finished Ladybug Cottage tomorrow some time!

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