Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hey hey hey there!

I'm in between periods of being in a great mood and crappy moods, don't know why. Whenever I get into a great mood I think that I shouldn't be because of a serious problem with Kobe so maybe it's a psuedo great mood. Kobe got into some trouble, I won't mention what because I can already see some ignorant person saying it's because he's a pitbull and honestly it's not. It's because he's a dog and any dog, big or small, is capable of doing what he did. I just hope things turn out ok. Kelly's pretty upset and as much as I wanted to tell him he's partially at fault I couldn't because he's so upset that he's crying. *Hug* to Kelly because that's all I can do for him right now.

Happy stuff now, I'm off from work until Monday *yeah* I was so tired last night that I HAD to take like a 40 minute nap. A nap never felt so good. Remember the nurse I was complaining about a few posts ago, well she never showed up this morning and as bad as I felt for leaving, I was not going to work past 8:30am. I should have known something was wrong when the supervisor asked me if I could work 4 extra hours. I would have if I didn't want these people to develop bad habits and start abusing me. Plus I don't think I would have survived. Working a 16 hour shift is ok IF the pace would be like the night time but mornings are so opposite from the night that I would have screwed up. I did feel bad for my patients, they deserved for their nurse to be there just in case something happened. I wondered what time this nurse got in to work?

After work I went to my not so LNS and had fun fun fun! I love it there, wish I lived in Jersey so I can go more frequently. I kitted up 4 projects and bought one Drawn Thread Kit as well as some other charts. Plus in the mail the other day I received my FOTM from Silkweaver and some stuff I ordered in March. So all I'm waiting on is my FOTM and IOTM from Dying 4 U and a order from Deb's Stitchery and I'll throw everything on the floor and roll around in it LOL I love my stash :-)

I want to stitch on In The Garden Of My Heart and see if I can get it done this weekend so I can start something new. I have an idea of what I want to start in my head but still haven't made a definite decision. Ana is getting out of hand, since I haven't had the time to run her she has all of this pent up energy and is running around the house like a horse, making noise, knocking things over, and moving the area rugs. I shouldn't complain though it's better than it turning into aggression, the only problem is that she's doing this at 2am and people are sleeping! Tomorrow is vet/park day for her. Maybe that will tire her out. Oh one funny thing (atleast to me) then I'm gone. My co-worker gave me a Jamaican Beef Patty to bring home and put it in a biohazard bag, I thought nothing of it so I put it in my fridge when I get home and my mom freaks out saying what is this?!?!?! I just had to laugh, my cousin saw it as well and starting laughing, then said imagine if you left your bookbag on the train?? It was a funny moment. Buenas Noches!!!


Jersey Mom said...

Stash is always good Mercy! Sorry about Kobe, you'll get through it! Be there for Kelly!
Have a great weekend, hope you stitch a lot, but enjoy this beeeeeeeoooooootiful weather too!

debbi said...

Oh no about Kobe. I hope that everything turns out okay. I know how dogs can get a little aggressive - even with their owners if you annoy them. Hey, they are dogs. If I could get away with biting people, I could name a few I'd like to have sunk my teeth into. Fingers crossed for you that all turns out okay with him. hugs, debbi