Saturday, December 02, 2006


Not much has been going on. I've been sleeping a lot less but at the same time a lot more, if that makes sense. At night I get like 3-4 hours then in the late afternoon I take another 2-3 hour nap which makes it feel like all I do is sleep all day long. I go back to work Monday so hopefully I'll get back to some sort of schedule.

Stitching wise, not much has been going on. I'm working on Homespun Elegance's Delivering Fleurs, it's coming along except I had to change a color. The sheep is stitched in Crescent Colours Ginger Snap which is yellowish but in the picture the sheep is white with some brownish tones, so I froged what I stitched *grrr* and changed it to Toasted Marshmellow as per Kelly because I wanted to use either 12-grain or Light Khaki but he said it was too brown.

Today after my quilting class (which I love and am so sad it's over in 2 weeks) I drove over to Jersey to my not so LNS! I dropped off Spring Snapperland and Love to get finished. I love love love the frame chosen for Spring. I was worried that I wouldn't find anything to go with it but Don pulled out a frame that he said may be too big for it and I fell in love with it so I went with it. I can't wait to get it back and hang it up - I LOVE THIS FRAME!!! Love is going to be made into a flat fold and I can't wait to get that back either since the 2 little people are suppose to be Kelly and me. I didn't buy much, just some floss and fabric, Oh! and one chart. I was disappointed, to tell you the truth, when I got home and dumped my bag's contents onto my bed. There were a lot of people their so I really didn't feel comfortable looking around. They had another framed peice waiting for me.

Excuse my dying grass LOL. This is Elizabeth's Design's Old Green Gardens. I think ED may be one of my fav designers. I have her newest one in my "to do" list. I bought the fabric for it today and didn't think it would be so small. I can't wait to start it though.

I decided I'm going to make a quilt for my cousin's baby. She's having a girl so I'm going for an all pink quilt and actually started 2 of the blocks. Of course since going to class today I bought new fabric so these 2 blocks won't be in use but just to show you what the blocks will look like here's a picture...

I chose to change the fabric because the fabric from the store I take my class at has better quality fabric than these pictured. The fabric above is from JoAnn's. I've bought from them before but for some reason these are very thin, unlike the ones I've gotten in the past. I was going to make the quilt white, pink, purple, and green but didn't like it so now I'm going to stick with white, light pink, and a darker pink. My class quilt is coming along. I don't like the colors I chose but at the same time I do. Believe it or not before I chose my fabric for the class I wanted to choose something girly for the baby, but my quilt has become so dark that it isn't fit for her anymore LOL. I like it now though. Today we chose sashing and border fabric. I wish they still had in stock the light blue fabric I chose because I'd love more of it to replace the green or the brighter blue. I'll share a picture of that once it's put together.

While going through my stash I found another quilt that I put together before taking any classes. I know there's still one "missing" but I don't remember the days when I was "serious" about quilting so finding this surprised me, I also found 2 blocks that I put together. I can't imagine what else I'd find if I actually pulled out all of my boxes from the spare closet. They aren't perfect but I was surprised to find them as I said before

And lastly I'll leave your with a picture that should put a smile on your face! I tried to get my cousin to stand next to her in the picture but at the last minute she caught on and didn't LOL.


Sharon said...

Mercy, your quilt blocks look great! You just have to do something with the quilt you found-very pretty.

Emily said...

your quilt blocks are so pretty!! You are really good a picking fabrics that go well together adn the quilt you found is really pretty!!....I'm in Orlando visiting my SIL and nephews - picking up a new sewing machine!!! So we are going to the fabric store tomorrow and I'm gonna pick out some stuff to atempt quilt blocks. We are also gonna make a retro apron :-)

Emily said...

p.s. your dog is adorable!! love the shirt!!!!
where did you get it? that would be a great christmas gift for someone i know!!!

moonbugster said...

I love the frames piece! It is gorgeous! I so love the quilt squares! I think you done an amazing job on the quilt that you done before taking any classes. Keep up the awesome work.

Barb said...

Wonder why your cousin wouldn't pose with the dog. LOL! He's so cute though. Love your finish and your quilt blocks are pretty.

RKB61075 said...

First off: I just love your blog!

Bet your suprised to see me here ;D

You should be over here sewing while I play socom :(

Well just to let you know: I didn't find the DS at either store.

First I tried to get it online, and stupid Target said They have it at the store over here, but get there and they don't have it!

(Hope your not to upset about it.)