Saturday, December 16, 2006

Look what I picked up!

Pretty no? I had it framed just the way Shepherd's Bush had their's framed in regards to the matting, but I think the frame may be different, apparently the old frame was discontinued. I like it but didn't think it would be so big. The picture isn't the greatest but it looks so nice in person - the mats are wonderful. I took another piece to get framed when I picked this one up and I can't wait to see it. I went after work so I was tired and can't even remember what I picked out for matting or frame, I just hope it all matches LOL.

Today was the last day of my quilting class - I'm so sad! I signed up for another class in March. I was wait-listed for another one. I didn't care too much about being wait-listed since I was going to call out from work to go to the class. If I find enough energy I'm going to machine quilt my quilt tonight and try to do the binding and then start on my cousin's quilt. I had another weird night where I slept all day to wake up 12am to go back to sleep at 5am and then wake up again at 9am this morning though I woke up at 7:30! I need some more sleep.

I haven't stitched since that last update, I did buy more stash though when I went to pick up Spooky Spots. I thought I grew out of my Lizzie Kate phase but I saw the 12 Blessings stitch together and got the fabric for it. It looks really nice! When I told Tawny that I had grown out of L*K she told me lots of people have told her the same thing. I wonder if she's losing any money over this? Anyhoo, I want to start on Blessings like right away - I'm going to do it on 32ct over 2 with 1 thread. It should look nice, maybe I'll get creative and change some things around or maybe not. I'm so afraid of changing things, I envy those that can do it.

I'm reading this book and I think it's effecting (affecting?) my mood. It's the Memory Keeper's Daughter, and the family in the book is filled with repressed anger that it makes me feel so unhappy. This book has me re-evaluting my life and thinking if maybe I've made some bad decisions and this is why my life is the way it is, not that I have a crappy life so far life has been good to me. But the family in the book have everything, yet their sad because of a lie kept by the father. I want to stop reading it but it's a really good book so I can't. Maybe after this I'll read some funny chick-lit to make me happy again LOL. Okies TTFN!


Leeny said...

Mercy, the SB piece is absolutely gorgeous, definitely very pretty! Just a question, did your not so LNS stock the Rensel mats or did you have special order them in? Also, if you don't mind me asking, how much did everything cost together? I was thinking of getting the Rensel mats (and possibly the frames), but was wondering if it's worthwhile getting them in from the US since I wouldn't have them here.

Thanks for the help!

eileen :)

DebbieJRT said...

that is a gorgeous piece - love the framing. we both seem to have a liking for halloween designs

My Life In Stitches said...

The SB finish is beautiful and the mats are always the perfect finishing touch. I have a similar style kit with an Americana theme of theirs that I am going to have to drag out to stitch sometime.
Happy stitching,

Emily said...

Love the SB piece and the mat is really pretty!!

I have The Memory Keeper's Daughter but haven't read it yet...have you read anything by Emily Giffin?? She's a good chick lit author!

Meari said...

The mat used on the SB piece is really neat. It all fits together nicely. :)

Sharon said...

Your SB piece is gorgeous. Also, I love your quilt. Keep up the great work.