Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone is have a great day! So far I'm cranky but I blame it on the lack of sleep I got today, once I get a nap I'll be my cheery self again :)

Instead of singing Christmas songs like everyone else - I found myself singing "This is Halloween" this morning when Kelly told the conceirge in his building happy holidays, he laughed at me when he heard me. I also sang the song that Jack Skellington sang when he told the town about Santi Claws - I love the way he makes his hands. I think Halloween is such a better holiday LOL. Next year I'm going to try and make it the new Christmas and give out my presents then - it may be less stressful too, which could help with my psoriasis. Oh btw the new thing I have is psoriasis - in my scalp of all places! Three weeks ago I thought I just had really bad dandruff. When it started to become so bad that I'd wake up itching I knew I had to go to the doctor and he comfirmed I had psoriasis. Now I'm putting drops in my head every night/morning and washing my hair with smelly grease/tar smelling shampoo *sigh* I just hope this clears up. I told Kelly I wish I had a nice disease. So far what I have makes me feel ugly (I have vitiligo too on my face.)

Anyhoo, enough of that, the last 2 nights at work were HEAVEN!!! I thank God for the wonderful gift :-) I lounged, I played video games, I stitched, I went online LOL Last night was a little busier but not as busy as it usually can get. I had a patient in alcohol withdrawal (such a nice person!) and I stayed in the room while the sedative took effect so the hallucinations would go away. Luckily I had the time to stay or else who knows what could have happened.

I won't post an update pic of DF - I'm close to being done (thanks to my easy work nights) so I'll post a picture when I'm done.

Well that's all for tonight - I'm going to sleep. Hopefully I'll wake up early enough go over to Kelly's in the morning. If I wake up too late I get lazy and never make it out of here on time. I'll try to post more later on. I have gifts to look through and will try to share. Merry Christmas!


DebbieJRT said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Leeny said...

I love it, you're the opposite of Jack Skellington, you're trying to turn Christmas into Halloween! Hee hee hee....

I hope the stuff you have on your scalp and face clears up, I have no clue what they are, but just that they go away quickly!

Glad to hear that work hasn't been too hard, I love work days like that. I don't go back to the office till Jan 2 and I have just been such an absolute bummer. I am soooooo going to struggle once I get back to work!

Alrighty, that is it from me, looking forward to seeing the finished DF pic!

eileen :)