Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another post and a finish!

I don't know why the fabric comes out so bright in pictures, maybe it's the flash. I took pictures with and without flash so you can see, but none of them show the true brightness of the fabrics. The one without is so dull. The last picture is one of Ana, I'm starting to think that she may be the recipient of the quilt once it's done. It's perfect "Ana" size. My mom likes it so maybe I'll give it to her or maybe I'll keep it :) The border is a midnight blue and is a batik so it looks dyed. It's really nice and picks up the light blue in my quilt. The white sort of brings out the light blue in the batik as well. I wish I had a better picture but I don't :( I like it and can't wait to quilt it. Well I'm going to take a nap - I've been up since 2am and am starting to get sleeeeeepy now.


Cindy said...

That is just awesome! You done a fantstic job on it!!! If you can not decide weather to let your mom have it or you keep it, you can just give it to me! LOL ;)

figment915 said...

I LOVE how your quilt turned out!! The colors are awesome, it is so pretty!!
I'm sending an email your way later today...its been crazy!

Meari said...

The quilt turned out really nice. Good job!