Friday, December 22, 2006

An Update

I've been stitching on Delivering Fleurs although I haven't been stitching as much as I would like. I finished reading The Memory's Keeper Daughter and started this other book that's hard to put down called Love and Ghost Letters. I've managed to get totally involved in this book and it's hard to believe that I'm only up to page 70 LOL. Here's a picture of how far I've gotten on DF. I'm almost there just half of the big flower, and other small flower and the cart and I'm done! Then it's back to either Dollhouse or Sampler Farm - I forget which one I worked on last.
I've finally decorated (half-ass though) the house for Christmas, only because I wrapped my gifts and wanted something to put them under. We only have a small tree (Kobe knocked out big one down when he was a puppy and we haven't gotten a big tree since.) Here's my teeny tree - I use to have a teeny nativity set but couldn't find it.
This is my "big" tree with my gifts under it. I'm still missing 2 gifts *sigh* I have to get a GC for my nephew (which I'll do tonight at Duane Reade) and I'm hoping that the Nintendo DS I got for my younger nephew comes in tomorrow (mail came in today and it's still not here.) My gifts are on the small scale this year but I hope they're enjoyed!
Finally, I went to my not so LNS to pick up BC's Yule in it's frame. The turn around time on this one was fast and I'm sort of grateful because I can use it this year as part of my decorations :) I must have not cut all the stray threads so you can see one pretty bad by the Y :( I'm trying not to concentrate on it - other than that everything looks ok.
Now I'm going to sleep since I work tonight and tomorrow night. I've been waking up early again on my days off (430am) and don't think I'll be able to work tonight without taking a nap before work. TTFN! I just realized I got stash in the mail so I'm going to play with that first before taking a nap!


Leeny said...

hey mercy,

you've made great progress on "delivering fleurs", you're going to have it finished it no time. and i think the pressies you got are great, i'm sure your family will love them. yule looks great, in that gold frame it looks really festive! and don't let the 'y' bother you too much, it's hardly noticeable.

well, enjoy the new stash, wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year, have a great one with the family!

eileen :)

Missy said...

Your tree is very pretty and I am sure that the presents will be enjoyed. Great stitching and framing on the BC "Yule", I love that design.

: )

Sharon said...

Hi Mercy, hope you have very Merry Christmas! Your BC piece is beautiful.

Emily said...

I like your teeny tree :-)
Love DF and can't wait to see it finished....maybe I'll just buy this one pattern and start over in the new year with not buying stuff!!
Yule looks really pretty framed - I really like the matting you chose!

Lelia said...

Hello! Your stitching rocks : ) I especially like the Homespun Elegance project.

I was laughing at your post about Halloween. I think the Autumn colors are just prettier than the Winter ones. IMO.

So Happy Halloween .... errrr .... Christmas & 3 cheers to the New year!