Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not a bad ending!

I honestly thought that I wouldn't be around by the time the end of the week rolled around but I made it and survived! Things weren't all that bad Thursday night at work, I knew it was getting better when I went to the vending machines at work to get ice cream and I didn't have enough for my favorite ice cream and had to get a runner up ice cream and guess what? Someone must have programmed/stocked the ice cream machine wrong and out comes my favorite ice cream! Ask Kelly - I swear by ice cream. I feel all the problems of the world can be solved with ice cream LOL.

Friday wasn't so bad either. I took Ana to the vet and instead of having to drag her by her leash into to exam room when I got up she sort of ran the best she could into the exam room. Although I think she must have been confused and thought it was an exit because when she realized where she ran to she turned right around, but it was too late then - the door was closed *insert evil laugh*.

*A Little History*
Ana use to like the doctor's office, she never cried or trembled; Kobe hated it. I use to have to physically carry him over the threshold because he wouldn't go into the office at all, he would start getting all nervous right after I'd get off the highway. It was so bad that after I had him neutered I had to changed vets because he just wouldn't go in, which ended up being ok since I found a vet closer to me that's SUPER nice (I think my old vet was afraid of Kobe.) One day I made the mistake of taking them together. When they called us, Ana (being her happy self) went to walk in and saw Kobe not wanting to go in and since monkey see monkey do Ana now thinks going into "the room" is just plain punishment. Kyle on the other hand doesn't care. He has this 24 hour look on him that just says I don't care. When I talk to him (I'm not crazy I know dogs don't talk) I swear he's telling me over and over "I don't care." He cracks me up LOL.

Anywho - back to Friday. I re-did my quilt blocks (pictures to follow shortly) I loved the color of my old fabrics but something was turning me off so I took out the green and just kept all of the blues and what a difference that made! I love my quilt top now and can't wait to finish it. I did make a boo-boo but I took it to class today/yesterday (Saturday)and my instructor said to leave it - that it looked fine. I'm the Queen of not wanting to fix things so this made me happy. I just need to finishing sewing on the sashing and my border and it will be ready.

OK this is how it was suppose to look - I thought that it made the top half look too dark and switched the blocks to make it look less dark and ended up wanting it to look like the picture below.
When I started sewing the sashing - I made sure to keep it the way I wanted it to be but I guess at 5am no matter how much you pay attention to something you'll always end up screwing things up and it ended up looking like this (see below) Now that I look at it, I kinda like it this way. I can't wait to finish this up so I can actually quilt it. I bought some varigated thread that hopefully will look good - I'm going to sign up for more classes. I just have to play around with my work schedule and see if I can fit it in.

After class I went to my first ever Metrostitchers get together and I'm glad I did. I usually feel weird stitching in front of strangers but how can one feel weird when everyone is stitching??? It was like wow I belong here LOL. Everyone was friendly and even though I hardly said anything I feel comfortable enough to go to more stitching events because stitchers are nice people :-) I had to leave early because I stayed up the night before until 6am and only had 3 hours of sleep so I was sleeeeeeepy. I knocked out on the train (which made the ride shorter) but I need to stop doing that because I'm afraid one day I'll wake up missing something.

Umm I guess that's all - I'm still working on Homespun Elegance's Delivering Fleurs (no progress pic yet) Thanks to work I'm on this odd sleeping schedule again so I'm just waiting for it be be late enough to start up my sewing machine and finish my sashing and put on some borders. I'll probably go back to sleep around 12-ish and then wake up to go back to work *sigh* Today is the last day of one of my co-workers working and I'm going to miss her. I didn't like her in the beginning when I went to the floor but after getting to know her she's a really nice person and always helped me, I wish she didn't want to quit. I wish I could quit and just stay home and do crafts (who doesn't right?) I have to plan my next year's vacation. Kelly wants to go to Georgia right after New Year's but after Kyle eating my glasses and he having to replace them I don't know if we have the money for such a last minute trip. I don't want to stay at his sister's house (I feel like it's imposing on her and I think I'll have my period around that time so I'd like to stay at a hotel - I know TMI hehe) but if we go we may have to, I guess we'll see. Okey dokey - I'm going to find something to do. I've been up since 2am and when everyone else is asleep it's no fun! TTFN

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Leeny said...

I don't think my dogs have issues going to the vet, Reuben especially, he's just happy going anywhere. Banzai is fine too, but once you carry him up on the table, he has that face, UH OH, I think a needle is coming! And then he tries to hop on me to get away, hahaha. And you're not crazy, I talk to my doggies too :)

Your quilt blocks look great, you have done really well with these! I still haven't tried to attempt anything else apart from stitching. I always say I will, but I just haven't. First, I need to get a sewing machine. Oh well, I will get there eventually!

And your Metrostitchers thing sound awesome! That's what I wish I had around here, a meet-up or something to go to and just stitch and meet other stitchers. I have something like that with bookcrossers, but nothing for stitching. Maybe I need to start something in my neighbourhood! But that's way too much effort... I'm too lazy for that! :)

Anyways, it's off to bed for me. And I did have a relaxing weekend, thanks! :) Oh, and I'm TOTALLY amazed that Ana has a treadmill, I didn't know that there were treadmills for dogs! You have to share pics if Ana does lose weight from it, hee hee.

Okay, I will shut up this time, good night!!

eileen :)