Saturday, September 02, 2006

I've been up since 4:30-5am. That's one of things I hate about going to sleep so early, I wake up with hmmm whatever the hell wakes up that early I guess. I've been spending my time reading email, catching up with Tivo, and stitching. I just had to force myself to stop stitching can you believe that?!?! I think if I didn't have to get ready to start my day I'd be able to finish stitching my first square called "Ze Rink." I'll probably be able to pick this up again to stitch on it when I'm on my mini vacation from work in 3 days!! I'm so excited :) Well here's a pic of my progress. Later all!

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Leeny said...

hey mercy, you're making good progress on this piece! and i love this snapperville series too, hopefully i will get to stitch them for myself eventually. *sob* i miss stitching!!