Monday, September 18, 2006

In the world of hospital patients...

there is always one that makes you think why in the hell did I ever become a nurse? I usually like my patients, most of them are pretty cool, even my crazy patient that I currently have (which I have to say I love my crazy patient - like I want to bring him home with me in the morning lol.) Last night I got a new patient that was the patient from hmmm if there's a place worse than hell then that's where she came from. Screaming and cursing at me where is the medication she was suppose to get in the emergency room. Everytime I would try to explain to her (in a nice way even though she was an ass mind you) that ER orders are not valid on the floor and she would have to wait for the night team of doctors to admit her she'd cut me off and continue to yell. It got to a point that I had to call the supervisor because she said I'm going to keep fucking yelling at you and being a bitch until I get what I want. At that point I left the room, her roommate was even disgusted with her. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so meek, because then I would really have had her have it. She was a total BITCH!! She was yelling at everyone - I hate people like that. The her medication gets to the floor 30 mintues later and she says she doesn't want it and she wants to go to sleep and be undisturbed, we were like you stupid bitch. She won't be gone before I go back to work tomorrow I don't think but I hope she is. People like her need to not exist.

I mean think about it - if your nice about things people would want to work harder to get you what you wanted. At the end she gave me some bullshit apology. I say bullshit because she goes oh I'm sorry for carrying on like that but you know what I was right. HUH?!?! WTF was that??? I kept walking out on her - I really wanted to strangle her. You get some people in the hospital that really don't understand that they are there to get better and its not a freaking hotel. Some patients after their stay write to complain that they didn't have a view of Park Avenue and were dissatisfied. In the morning she tells the doctor that the she would have slept better if she never took the sleeping pill I gave her and gave me a look, then said I was woken up at 3am and looked at me again. Umm excuse me but you're in the hospital not a hotel and I have to walk in the room in the middle of the night to make sure you're still alive.

I, of course, can find the bright side to everything. The other night I got another PIA patient and she made him now seem like a dream hehe.

Well I'm in pain, after I work alot of days too close together my knee starts to hurt pretty bad. I know I only worked 3 days so far but that's alot in the 12 hour shift world, atleast for me it is. I'm back to work tomorrow and Wednesday then I'm off for 5 wonderful days. I'm telling you those days can't come any quicker. Tonight I'm staying in to stitch and watch some Nip/Tuck with Kelly. No update pics of Winter Snapperville yet. I'm still stitching on the 3rd square maybe after tonight I'll post a picture of it.

Night all - and remember if you're ever hospitalized please be nice to your nurse.

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