Thursday, September 14, 2006

Last Day

Today was my last day of my little time off from work. Of course I'm tired now that I know I go to work tomorrow. Why does that always happen? I spent the day stitching, I wanted to go get a pedicure but I banged my little toe pretty bad yesterday and feel I should wait (my nail sort of detached itself.)

I have some pictures to share some are pictures I took on 9/11. We took the dog to the dog run and it's across from where the Twin Towers use to be, really nice view. I love that they put up lights where they use to be. Also a picture of Winter Snapperville - I think I got pretty far for today, guess I'll resume stitching on this next week or Friday. Next time I'm off for a stretch will be around the 20th when I'm off for 5 days, I'm already looking forward to my days off and then my vacation in November LOL. I'm off to sleep - enjoy the pics!

These are my new scissors Alyssa and Jamie.

Close Up of the 2nd square I "finished." I was missing Palomino
so I couldn't stitch the guy's coat

My progress for the day.

They have never sat so close together so I had to take this pic, usually Kyle wants to cuddle and Ana walks away.

This was another shocker, I think she was just tired from the park.

And these are my 9/11 pics.

This is of course during the day.

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