Sunday, September 24, 2006

Certified Crazy!

I knew something like this was going to happen. I am completely obsessed with these stupid Gingher Scissors. I use to hide the fact that I collected these scissors but then some other people in my yahoo group said they collected also and *poof* I've become a crazy person. Whenever I come online I look for them, mainly because I'm looking for the name of my first pair - which I found out today is Leah. You would think ok she's just looking at them but NO! if I see a new pair that I don't have (so far I've found 4) I just buy them and these aren't cheap scissors. I even had a dream about them Saturday morning, I told Kelly and he laughed at me! It's so crazy that I keep looking at this bid on Ebay for the Katelynn's and am too tempted to bid on them (the bid is now over $130) I want to stay home and stitch today but I think I have to get out and stay away from this computer or any computer LOL. No but seriously I really need to stop buying these, I know of one more pair that are coming out and once I buy those that's it - no more scissor for a while. I can already see my next obsession - finding the perfect scissor fobs for them - oh vey!

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Barb said...

We can be crazy together! LOL
Love ya,