Sunday, April 01, 2007

I thought I'd have some stitchy news to blog about but I don't. I woke up and said I would spend the entire day stitching but then looked around and decided to clean. Once that got done my cousin was next door with the "new" baby so I went to go see her. Then I decided I wanted to start something new, so instead of going through the closet for my DMC threads I went out and bought some new floss. Then I got on this computer and the rest my dear is history! I did have plans on starting Summer Snapperland tonight but I pulled out Bluebird Message and the colors are so beautiful that I think I want to keep on stitching on it. Here's an update pic.

Bloc Party was on Friday and it was AWESOME! It was held at The United Palace Theater which turned out to be a church known as The United Church. Kele invited everyone to the front and since we weren't too far from the front my cousin and I(left my other cousins) and went to the front. It was a really great concert - even the opening bands were good. The beer was expensive, even when you compared it to MSG, if you can imagine! Our Modest Mouse concert is at the same venue and I already scoped out our seats (which aren't bad) and if they also invite to the front well my cousin and I will definitely be there. Of course I have pics to enjoy!

Here's some video...
Hunting For Witches

Positive Tension

and a snippet of the end of a song they played

I also have another slide show to share with you...everytime I go to this train station I stare at these little people in awe...they always make me smile so I thought since I had the camera on me I'd take secret (because it's illegal to take pics in the train station/train) for my personal picture collection. I only got a picture of four of them but there are more of them throughout the entire station.


Heidi said...

What cute little statues, I had to laugh at the Alligator coming out of the sewer eating the person. I didn't think they would actually make a statue like that, lol.

Love the colors on your bird piece, I think I would continue stitching it as well. :o)

Kimberly said...

Oh are these Otterness pieces? We had several here last year (I think) they're great ;)

Cheryl said...

Why is it illegal to take photos at train stations?? Love your photos and ive just watched the videos. Looks amazing. You were so close! I think my fav song is "the prayer." They're actually in Glasgow on the 14th April but we have a family thing that evening :(

Jamie said...

THANK YOU for the scissor fob! I love it. I love those little guys too. I've gotten in trouble for taking photos.