Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm so confused...

It's April shouldn't it be a bit warmer? I'm walking around with a sweater in my house and the heat comes on once in a while. I would complain about the rain but that's expected of April so atleast that's one thing that's right. Ana is curled up and covered - she gets hot really easily so I know it's cold. Her tiny blanket is the cutest, IMO. I bought it at Petco a while ago. I swear you could sell me anything that had the word "doggie" in it. She's lucky she doesn't have long hair or is a tiny dog because then I'd be able to get her a tiny tiara and little clothes LOL.

Last night we watched The Good Shepherd on DVD - good movie but I think I'm still confused. I was stitching during the movie so I could blame it on that, but Kelly gave it his undivided attention and was a bit confused also so I know it's not that. ********SPOILER ALERT************Did Matt Damon's character have something to do with killing his son's bride to be or what?

I put a real dent into Bluebird Message last night - it's like I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel but then I looked at the chart and saw that I'm like only half done and the light went out LOL. I go back to work tomorrow (was off for a while) so my stitching time will be reduced. I've already decided that I'll stitch the border on the train - it's not something I have to really concentrate on.

Something I just have to say - I love my new phone! I have the Treo 700wx and it's just like "OMG How did I live without this??" If I could play Sims on it I would have no need for my laptop LOL. I still have my Nextel until the end of the month but I don't use it anymore...I sort of miss my Direct Connect it was much quicker when I wanted to tell my cousin to come outside instead of waiting for the phone to ring and him picking up, but since he switched over too there's no one to DC.


Heidi said...

Ana looks so cute all curled up under that blanket. Your bluebird is coming along nicely too. :o)

Cheryl said...

Cute picture of ana! You've made great progress on bluebird

Lana said...

Blue bird message looks great!