Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update Time :)

I've been up since 6am so I may be back on a somewhat normal sleep schedule for the next 3 days that I'm off *yea* I work tonight so actually we'll see about it, but since it's only one night I may be able to be normal for a while. That first night that I was off I slept all day for 12 hours straight and stayed up from 11pm until yesterday at 9pm. Anyway I woke up this morning and started stitching right away and I can see that light at the end of the tunnel again :-) Once I finish the end branch and the eyelets I can move on to another project because I'll stitch the border on the train to work or at work. It's mindless so it should go quick. *fingers crossed* I'm dying to get back to Dollhouse after seeing Cheryl's progress and I need to stitch Summer Snapperland and hopefully get it done before the summer is over and let's not mention the 2 Elizabeth Design's that I have kitted up waiting for me also LOL. Well I just wanted to share this picture and now I will go back to stitching until it's time for me to nap (I need lots of sleep it seems...) TTFN!


Cheryl said...

That piece is really lovely. I love the colours! Yes you have to go back to Dollhouse - i need some motivation now too because as soon as my threads arrive for "cirque des cercles" i can see Dollhouse going into hibernation for a while. Enjoy your days off :)

Sharon said...

Moving along nicely Mercy-it looks good!