Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here's an update on Summer Snapperland...not much really, just another square. Maybe tomorrow I'll get more done. The stitching that goes inside the square doesn't seem to be much so maybe this will go fast. You can see the color of the fabric a little better in this picture, this is the first time I've changed fabric color without getting a second opinion (ie Kelly) so I'm a bit nervous as to how this will come out. So far I like how the grey (GAST Barn Grey) looks on it so let's keep our fingers crossed.

I'm off this weekend, which is great because the weather is nice. I haven't enjoyed it yet since this morning I went to get my hair done and then came back home to bum around, but just the fact that it's nice outside and I don't have to be at work is great.
Talking about work...I think I like it LOL. I had this patient that is a #1 PIA but really I noticed he just wanted company, after spending time with him, making him laugh and combing his hair he stopped ringing the call light every 2 seconds. Another one was certified crazy the night before (like we need a psych consult on her at 2am) but same thing - wanted someone to sit with her and talk. Thankfully I had time last night to do this because if I didn't I'd hate to imagine how'd they behave.

Wanted to ask for a favor from my blog readers. I have a co-worker (funniest, kindest, and anything else nice you can think of type of nurse) that has lost the battle against the big "C." I just wanted to ask to keep her in your thoughts. I saw her today and while she's unresponsive she did look comfortable and I'd love for her to go that way. Her family is at her bedside and everything was taken cared of before she became unresponsive, I feel bad that I didn't go see her last week when she was still around. I honestly thought that she'd be here longer, goes to show you that nothing is ever promised and that things change from one day to the next. Anyhoo, please think of her and her family, maybe say a little prayer if you pray.

And btw - thanks for the comments on my last finish, you wouldn't believe how much I appreciate them! TTFN


debbi said...

email me her name and I'll pray for her. Keep me posted.


Leeny said...

Mercy, thank you so much for dropping by my blog, I appreciate the hugs! And yeah, my grandma has a great attitude right now, I just hope it stays that way.

I'm so sorry to hear about your co-worker, it sounds so much like my grandfather's situation, it just makes me want to cry. I had hoped to say goodbye to my grandfather as well, but never got the chance. I do hope she goes peacefully, like my grandfather did, my thoughts with her family.

On a lighter note, you're making good progress on Summer Snaperland. I really should get stitching again, it will help to keep my mind off things...


Jamie said...

ENJOY, ENJOY the weather. I will definitely pray for your coworker. The big "C" is so vicious - but hopefully she's not in pain and her family gets the closure they need. I'm not sure how anyone who works in a hospital does it but you all are amazing.

I can't wait to see progress on SS! Maybe take to a park and stitch away.