Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I figured I'd try this blogging out. I don't see myself as an interesting person but neither do the other millions of people who haveblogs and well I just get sucked in when reading so maybe that will happen to someone out there who is reading this.
Nothing new has been happening for me - well nothing that I want to happen like winning the lottery so I can pay off my school loans and bills and never have to work ever. But then I guess one would have to play to get a chance of getting paid.
I did pass my PN and will probably pass my RN on Friday which is cool because then I can get a kick ass job to pay my bills, school loans, and the occassional trip or shopping spree. If I don't pass then plan B is to go work as a LPN until I pass the RN which is something I don't even want to think about.
My life is DEAD. All this studying has taken away my social life "umph" I do love to stitch and refuse to have anyone tell me that it's boring and I'm a little old lady but I would like to have something else to do whenever I wanted to you know? Like go to a cross stitch show LOL. But with no money that's pretty hard to do. My broken record phrase has been "I hope to pass my test so I can get a job so that I can make some money" and it will continue to be that until it becomes my reality, although I'm pretty sure people are tired of hearing it- I know I am.
On the bright side a hospital I faxed my resume to did call me today so someone out there does want me and I won't have to settle to go work somewhere I don't want to go - I think the patient population would be better in this hospital anyway. Not to sound like a total priss but I do not want to work with some crackhead that walked in off the street, delivered a 2lb baby and leaves her kid in the NICU because she just had to get another fix, but as a RN I guess that I'll have to when the time comes, which is cool just don't want the situation to become the norm for me.
I'm off to study some more *ugh* I hope Friday comes and is eventful

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