Thursday, October 28, 2004

I actually planned on writing something about my mother today since yesterday I shared a story about my dad, but I won't - I'll save it for another day.
I went out with Kelly today and ended up getting into this huge arguement with him. I hate arguing with him. I got so upset with him that while I was telling why I was upset at him I started to cry. I hate crying, it makes me feel weak at times, and this was one time I didn't want to feel that way. I did manage to get over it quick. I'm funny that way - I can be arguing one moment and the next forget about it and carry on as if nothing happened. I see it as good and bad - it's good because I don't stress out but bad because what if the other person doesn't take what I said seriously, but whatever. The important thing is that I made him realize that he was wrong and I was right and isn't that what it always boils down to? LOL (He really was in the wrong this time though)
Besides that nothing really happened today. After going to three stores I finally managed to get my hands on The Sims 2 - can't wait until tomorrow and this weekend to play. My test is tomorrow at 11a.m. so if you are reading this just wish me luck, say a little prayer, or send good vibes my way. Sijjad did pass *yea* and that relieved me some. I don't study the night after a test but will do probably 75 questions before going to bed.
Ana's washed *yea* I hate washing her - not because she's like Kobe but because she looks so helpless like she's saying "someone get me out of here" or "are you doing this to me because you don't love me anymore?" She's still flaky which I hate - but Kelly told me she gets like this when the seasons change. I was sooooo tempted to wash her with Head and Shoulders hehe.
Well I'm off to watch some TV - I haven't stitched since Wednesday which sucks, but everytime I pick up my stitching I feel guilty like I should be studying, at least with the TV on I tend to pick up my NCLEX book and leave it open, but once this test is over it's Sims and stitching for me!

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Leeny said...

hey mercy,

just a tip for u on how to get breaks for ur paragraphs. if u go to the edit html part, right before ur paragraph u will see this < > and possibly some words in there like showing the font u chose etc. right before that bracket, u then but < br > (remove the spaces, there should be no spaces when u do the html code) and that will create ur break.

and i will be sending good thoughts and positive vibes ur way for ur test! i am sure u will do fine, keep us posted! and i'm sorry to hear about the argument, but hey, at least it's all resolved, and he did realise that he was in the wrong. i know completely how u feel, cos my last big argument was just 2 days ago! LOL. and it was so silly, he got cranky cos he joined me and my sister for shopping, and i had already PRE-warned him that my sister takes AGES for shopping, and he got cranky anyway, and snapped at me for no reason.

UH, anyway, i will shut up now, this is ur blog, not mine, LOL. once again, good luck for ur test, now go ace it! :)