Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I'm up...

Wish I didn't sleep until so late. Here it is 1:53 and I'm JUST starting my day. It doesn't feel like it's going to be a very good one either. It's cold and whereas I like the cold it's making my ear feel funny, sort of like I'm about to get an ear infection. I've been waking up off and on during the morning thinking about my test. I wish I wouldn't have rescheduled it for Friday and left it for tomorrow. I think I really need to just take it and get it over with. I hate Sijjad!!! Actually I love him, he's my friend, but thanks to him I think I'm freaking out over this test. I was going to call him in a few to see how he did but I don't think I will because if he didn't pass then I will definitely start to freak out.

Well enough talk about this life altering test! It's now 2:06 and I have to pry Ana out of bed for her walk - I wish I had her life. I dote on her, she eats better than the humans in this house, she goes to the Petco toy section every other Thursday for toys and she gets to sleep and do whatever she likes, sort of like a cat. I call her my cat-dog hehe.

Write some more later - if anything life altering happens.

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debbi said...

Hi Mercy. I'm reading your blog and you may be tired, but you are very much ALIVE!! Good luck on your test and keep us posted. I'll try to pop in every day to see how you're doing ... hugs, debbi