Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Daddy's Little Girl

I helped my dad rip out the rest of the carpet in my room - I think it helped with the relaxing that I desperately needed. I got to hammer down all the nails in the wood strips. I felt like a 2 year old who was finally allowed to bang on the pots LOL. I told him I'd help him put down the new floor so that I could learn just in case I wanted to do the same one day when I moved out. He agreed which shocked me and then started telling me that with the money I'll make I won't need to do it myself - I hate when he tells me that, just because I'll have it doesn't mean I'll want to spend it. What I would like is for him to let me use his power tools to cut the pieces for the floor. Then he killed my dream by telling me "I really don't know about that - it's pretty dangerous." I hate when he treats me like I can't do certain things because I'm a girl. It makes me laugh though because in a way when I'm doing projects with my younger cousins I'm the same way, but not because it's dangerous but because they just won't do it the way I would do it and I KNOW that's exactly what my dad means by it's dangerous.

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