Sunday, October 31, 2004

I haven't written this weekend because well...

...not much has been going on here. Tomorrow I find out whether I passed or failed my test and I'm currently sick so I've stayed home doing nothing. I did play Sims and stitched so my weekend wasn't that bad.

I have uploaded 2 pictures of my current finishes, was stitching on M Designs Checkered Halloween but that border was taking too long and I needed to finish something asap so I picked up SMOs I Love Treats Banner. I hung it in my mother's room. That's where all of my banners first hang until I change them - then they go in my computer room. HIHs Spooky I finished on the 25th, just haven't had the time to scan it and upload it. I don't know what I'll stitch next but I don't think I'm going back to checkered halloween for a while. There's so many little designs I want to stitch before the end of November.

Well I'm off to find something to stitch and watch some TV - I love lazy Sundays!!!

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