Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finishes I can't share :-(

I've been busy stitching and finishing things but they're gifts so I can't share any of it :-( Makes me feel like a boring blogger. In the last week I finished stitching my square for my Fair and Square exchange and something that I made into a pinkeep for my V Day exchange in a group I'm in. Once everyone gets my packages I'll post pictures.

I've been stitching that popular Midsummer Night Designs freebie that everyone's been finishing. I feel so behind but I've been stitching my gifts and now that I'm done I can go back to my things. Here's a WIP picture

I love the colors in this one!

Since I did so well with my January goals I figured I'll try to do it again in February! It's a short month so I won't overload myself but for this month I want to finish this freebie, a Halloween piece, and the second square to my Red Thread Snappers. I also want to start something new well two new things LOL.

I'm so in love with Worlds Above by Midsummer Night Designs that I smiled when I saw the chart at my not so LNS yesterday and said to myself Hello chart! I love you so much! The other new thing I want to start (well it's already started) is Brightneedle's Pretty in Pink.

I'm off to nap! My entire sleep/wake schedule is off again. I now sleep from 7pm to 3am and am up for the rest of the day. Tonight I work and it just won't work for me to be up so I need a nap. Hopefully the nap will get me back on track. Oh before I go the mail lady just dropped this off. I think it's the coolest thing. I have milk issues but always want to eat cereal at work. Well my issue is that I'm always suspicious of milk in little cartons and now with this I can take milk from my house to work and not worry about it spoiling because of the hour it will be out of the fridge. My cousin put me on to this and I love him for it :-) TTFN!


Toni said...

you enabler you!.

Cindy said...

Your WIP is wonderful! I want to start Pretty in Pink (for myself, this time) too :)

Kim said...

That's a really neat gadget. I'm also suspicious of milk spoiling, and individual serve milk cartons seem wasteful, so that's perfect!