Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Mini Finish!

I just finished the 2nd square to my Summer Snapperland. I don't like this season but I think it's going to look very nice. So far I like the way the sea goes from one square to the other one. I know Spring is like this with the soil but I'll have to check if Winter is also. I'm going to work on the border before moving onto another square. I already know that I'm leaving the 4th square for last simply because I get very anxious with stitching a large space with just one color, the only thing that doesn't discourage me is that it's in blue and not white...I just can't stitch in white my stitches look sloppy.
We had a new visitor today, my sister came over with the kids and their new puppy "Precious." I hate the name btw, but it's not my dog so it shouldn't matter. Ana was excited about her, she loves puppies but Precious wanted nothing to do with Ana. I guess with her being so little and Ana towering over her she got scared. I couldn't get a picture of the two of them together but did manage to get one of her "hiding." I doubt they'll be friends in the future because Precious already has little dog qualities ie. she hates other dogs. Well with that being said I also have another addition to tell about!

I'm....the new owner of another pair of scissors!!! LOL I'm so corny sometimes. I bought the Maria's and while I haven't used them yet I did have a perfect fob for them. The picture shows them with my Jamie's which were "eh" to me until I put a fob on them and all of sudden they're beautiful like the rest of them :-)

Well that's all from me today...Thanks for the comments on my concert post!!! I'm going to a "fight" party tonight (I hope De La Hoya wins!)and once the fight is over it turns into a "poker" party. I really hate to play poker with these people...some are just way too cocky and competitive for me and let's not mention the comments that are made *ugh* I mean seriously IT'S JUST A GAME but they're my family (LOL) so I have to put up with the long run they aren't that bad. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, it's beautiful here, well maybe a little too hot for me but atleast it's not raining like in some places.


Lana said...

Your Summer Snapperland is looking great!!!
Cute Dog, but I agree with yo uon the name...blech! Brings to mind The Lord of the Rings for some reason.LOL

My Life In Stitches said...

Love the Summer Snapperland WIP! I just finished Winter and I am looking forward to stitching the other three sometime this year. Autumn is my favorite followed by a tie with Spring & Summer.
I love the fob you made for Jamie! It is perfect. I think I have seen those beads at the craft store, so I might have to make a trip next week sometime...or the next. :0) I love those adorable daisy looking charms on the end of your fobs. Cute!
Happy Stitching,

Stitchingnow said...

cute little doggie, We used to have one that looked just like her but we named it Penny. She had a copper stip down her back. Summer Snapperland is coming along nice & I must say that summer is not my favorite season either.. Good Mail day coming your way soon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I really like the fobs and I personally like summer snapperland the best because of the way the ocean goes from one box to the other.
See you Tuesday!

Sharon said...

Mercy, your summer snapperland is looking good. You are very speedy with the needle. I love your scissor fobs, will you tell me where to find the beads and how you make them? If you don't mind.

Cheryl said...

Great progress on summer snapperland. What a cute puppy! I love the scissor fob you made me...have had lots of lovely comments about it from friends!

Jamie said...

Congrats on the Summer Snapperland. The new puppy is cute. I'm also rooting for de la Hoya!!