Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More pics

I guess you can only post a certain amount per post because they wouldn't let me add these earlier, but here go some more pics
Kelly and I at my cousin's daughter's christening
My prized gingher scissor collection, I hide it from myself so I don't know that I have a collection and don't keep adding to it lol

Me and the doggies on the mean streets of New York City

More to come...


Leeny said...

Mercy, you and Kelly look great!! Maybe it's because of my foggy memory, but you look kinda different when I saw you in New York a couple of years ago! Hee hee... anyways, so glad to see you blogging again, if you must know, it's because of you that got my butt into gear and got me blogging again! Although, it's still only one post so far, hee hee... And love the ginger scissors, I still only have one so far, I gotta grow that collection!


Leeny said...

hey mercy,

thanks for dropping by my blog! and you know what, when i say you looked different, i actually thought you lost weight! maybe cos i saw you all padded up during winter, lol. but not to worry, i think you look great, and i know all about losing weight, with all the hectic schedules, gym has just gone out of the window and it has been nothing but takeaway food! very bad and very bad for the figure, not that i had one in the first place! lol.

and work SUCKS! i'm soooooo with you, i'm ready to retire as well! lol. well, it's not that bad, but i feel like i'm in the wrong role so i'm not really enjoying myself so i'm just treating it like one day at a time, which is just not good. oh well, i'm hoping when the new financial year comes around, things will pick up. in the meantime, i'm just gonna keep doing what i do, if things dont improve, and once the house stuff is all settled, i may try to look for a new job! but i just hate the job-hunting process :(

and okay, i think i should shut up now, it's like writing a massive email to you! lol. take care, and i'll pop by again soon! :)