Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Been trying to stitch but...

things keep coming up! I swear I wish there were more hours in the day. I've brought my stitching out like a zillion times today and yesterday and have put like 4 stitches each time. I know they add up because it shows but I would truly like a long uninterrupted stretch of time so I can stitch!

I got my new camera in the mail today and was so excited. I've been taking pictures all day. It's amazing what you find pictures to take of, actually most of my pictures are of Kelly, Ana, and my cousins, but still the moments you capture when you have a camera.

Saw Talldega Nights tonight OMG if that movie isn't worth every penny spent then I don't know which movie is. It was soooooooo funny! I think I might see it again on Thursday either that or the 9/11 movie. Kelly doesn't want to see it but I think I can talk him into it.

Okies so I think that's all for tonight, I work tomorrow and should get some rest, I wanted to stitch but just looked at the timeand it's really too late to do that. I'm just gonna finish watching The Closer that I tivo'd earlier (love tivo!!) and go to sleep. Here's my WIP enjoy!!!

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