Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just Pics

Here are some pics from our zoo trip, as well as others...thought I'd share :)

These are some butterflies from the butterfly garden

I think Gary looks cute as a bumblebee...bzzzzz
Showing off some of the goods

This is my ultimate favorite picture of my niece, I never was allowed to get my face painted when I was younger so I pretty much let her do it with no questions asked. Her dad would probably have a shit fit that I did but he was in Ecuador and doubt he'll find out lol. Doesn't she look so cute?
The kids riding a bug
A bit blurry - I don't know what its called
The kids made sure this was behind a glass before they got anywhere near it
This is the view from the uber teeny balcony that Kelly has
A pretty green snake :)
This peacock got out of its pen and was just casually walking around, it actually chased my neice.

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