Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick Stitch Weekend Finish

In my favorite online group "Cross Stitch Forever," Petra suggested a Quick Stitch Weekend for this weekend. Basically it means that you stitch something small enough that you can finish in one weekend. At first I was going to stitch Twisted Threads October Boo but then changed my mind and decided to stitch a small gift I'd like to give a friend for Valentine's Day. I'm happy to announce that I finished it! Of course I can't show you a picture until I finish finish it and my friend receives it but I will show part of it...
In case you have a hard time deciphering what it is let me tell you that it's a butterfly. The bottom part is sort of fuzzy (I don't know why) but this year I plan on getting a better camera which will hopefully eliminate that.

Well it's late and I'd like to get some night time sleep since I work tomorrow night. TTFN and thanks for looking!


Kajsa said...

That looks really pretty, love the colors.

Your new floss container looks great, I don't think we have any of those stores here. I wish we did!

Carol R said...

What a pretty butterfly! Love the floss cabinet too