Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fair and Square Exchange :)

I'm not big on stitching with a deadline but I LOVE this exchange. Look at the piece I received from ChristinaNow how cute are these?!?!?!? I love them! They are by Barbara Ana and I have one of her Halloween patterns that I now MUST stitch. The colors are so vibrant!

My cousin's have been off from school so I haven't been getting much "me" time. It sucks but I enjoy spending time with them and I always miss them once they go back to college but right now I'm counting the days down so I can sleep in, watch shows that I want to watch, spend more time with Kelly, and of course STITCH! I have some update pictures to show, the first one is of BN The Sampler Sampler Not a great picture but it does show my progress. I've only been stitching this on the train and once at Kelly's. Three more squares to go (and some of the two on the right) and it will be finish. I'm getting so antsy because I've been seeing so many finishes and I'm just going soooooooooooooo slowly on this one. Next up is for my Halloween SAL It's by M Designs and it's Bubble. Right now I'm halfway done with the cauldron (is that what you call it?) I tried to stitch it last night but ended up falling asleep. I'll try again tonight but I must let you know that it is waaaaaaay past my bedtime. I use to be able to stay awake all night but now it seems that it only happens when I'm at work.

Talking about work...I work the entire weekend plus Monday, so I'm off to stitch so I can go to sleep. I may just go to sleep. I woke up early today to go to my not so LNS in NJ. Didn't buy much just floss and fabric to kit up some things that I'd like to stitch next once I finish The Sampler Sampler *sigh* TTFN! Have a great weekend


Barbara said...

Love your WIPS!!

And wishing you a good weekend - I wouldn't be too thrilled about working all weekend, but maybe I've got the wrong job. ;)

Carla said...

Lovely squares!! Love Barbara Ana's design they are so colorful!
Your wips are looking great!

Anonymous said...

I stitched that Bubble piece and Mary finished it beautifully!
I look forward to seeing yours.

Sandy said...

I love your F&S exchange and the colors are awesome. Great progress. And can I ask where you get your little needle magnets? They are always so bright and cute. Thanks.

Lee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I finished Kite Runner last night - fantastic book.

Hey, you have some great projects here. Love the Sampler Sampler.