Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stuff...super long and non stitchy

I've been reading on blogs how everyone has had a nice lazy holiday weekend and that made me green with envy! While everyone was relaxing I was at work, working harder than I ever had on a weekend. I have one more night (tomorrow night) until I go on a week's vacation

This morning something funny (to me) happened that made me like nursing again. Since we only had 1 aide on the floor, we usually have 2, I had to do my own patient care. Since the aide we had was our "bad" aide it was like we had no aide at all but that's another story for another day. Anyway while I was going to change a dressing on my patient I saw that he was dirty so I figured I might as well wash him and change his bed. He's a cranky old guy who complains complains and complains. As soon as I'm done with everything he starts thanking me and continues to do so until I leave. I started thinking about how cleaning him up made him happy and in turn made me happy and started seems that in order for me to feel appreciated by my patients I have to wipe their asses LOL.

Friday wasn't a good day for the dogs. Ana got sick and Kyle had (what we thought) minor surgery. They're both better now but on Friday Ana was vomiting and had a few episodes of loose stools probably from the steak I gave her the night before. I felt bad for her because during lunch I gave her her share of chicken nuggets and she turned her face :( Now that she's better she wants to eat everything again but I'm restricting her human food intake, it wasn't fun running around finding a bag for her to barf in or having people look at us because how do you clean up watery poop off the sidewalk? Before we noticed Ana was sick we had to take Kyle to the vet for an emergency visit. If anyone owns or has spent time with a Bull Terrier then you have to be familiar with their infamous "Bully Runs." Now most dogs do have little "attacks" where they run around the house crazy but Bull Terriers have their own special way of doing it. First off they start of jumping in circles (literally jumping.) Then they start running back and forth slamming into things on purpose. Here's a small example of what it looks like.

Well Kyle was running around and spinning when one of his dew claws snagged on the rug :( I was in bathroom but I heard a yelp and Kelly yelling to me that we had to go to the vet. Kyle was bleeding and had pulled his nail out. Kelly carried him the 4 blocks to the vet where we thought they cut his little toe off but they only trimmed the nail, cleaned it, and bandaged him up. When he came out he had the cutest bandage! How cute is it?? I swear the things they come out for pets is just ingenious! Here's a picture of Kyle looking Kyle-ish. I love his ears in this picture. Usually Ana is impartial to him but that night she actually let him snuggle next to her. I have pictures of it put they're in my camera which I don't feel like pulling out to upload pictures from it.

In happy news, I'm still excited about going to school and Kelly bought me an early birthday present Thursday. He bought me an iPhone which I *luv* and can't believe I've been without one for so long. It's the greatest! (excluding the battery life but who cares I can always charge it at work.)

Before I leave I wanted to mention one thing and show one more thing. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is a good book and I can't wait to move onto the next book. I can't believe I've haven't start reading these books sooner! And for your enojoyment you can watch this...I find it hilarious especially the part where he says "it's me Giraffe." I crack up every time I watch it and now since I have it saved on my iPhone I can watch it all the time :-) Enjoy!!!


Barbara said...

That was pretty funny. The giraffe,I mean. Actually, so were Kyle's antics. WOW! I'll keep that in mind if/when we decide on a second dog!! ;)

Sharon said...

Glad to hear the dogs are better! The poor babies. I had to laugh at your bad aide! There always seem to be more bad ones than good ones. The funniest thing is they always usually want to become a nurse. Then can you imagine what kind of nurse they will be?LOL