Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And the winner is!

I used the random number genenrator and here's what I got Excuse the crappy picture but I took a picture of the screen with my iPhone but #3 is Ulla so congrats to Ulla! Ulla if you could please email me your mailing info that would be great! There's an email me link on my sidebar underneath my little picture in my completed profile.

In other news I'm playing hooky from class today but not because I want to. There's a very mean fast mosquito in my room that I can't seem to catch. Well the night before it bit my twice in my arm and last night it bit me 5 times! It bit Ana as well but thank God for heartworm prevention so I know she's ok. Now why am I staying home for mosquito bites?? Well after waking up itchy this morning at 5am I covered myself from neck to toe so it wouldn't bite me anymore thinking I was being smart. Well it out smarted me and bit me on my left eye! Now my eye is swollen and I am NOT going out like this. No way no how! I hope it goes down by tomorrow. I feel bad for this mosquito once I catch it...a quick clap between the hands is not something I'm planning for it...

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Carol said...

OOoo, don't you love your iPhone?? I just adore my 3G :)