Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Share-able finish!

First let me start off by wishing everyone a very Happy Belated Halloween and by wishing my blog a Happy Belated Birthday!!!! My blog turned 3 on the 27th of this month. I wanted to do something but didn't have the time :( I also wanted to blog yesterday about how much I love Halloween but was sooooooooooo tired from work that all I had the strength to do was lay in bed and sleep.

When I finally woke up yesterday I woke up a tad bit sad. Halloween in over! I have to wait another year for it to come again. Because of what went on the past month or so I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do for Halloween (ie decorate the house inside and out) so I feel that next year (if the bullsh*t doesn't come back again) I'll be able to go all out and I mean all out! The dogs are getting costume's and they're wearing them all day, same goes for me. Yesterday seeing everyone in a costume made me so happy and sad at the same time. I really think this holiday is soooo much better than Christmas. I think if you could wear a costume for Christmas I'd like it LOL. When I was walking home yesterday I saw a baby in a batman costume in his stroller, his mom was a cowboy lady, then I saw a HUGE group of adults all dressed up going to work. Kelly saw a guy walking his dog and the dog had on a superman costume and my FAVORITE costumes were the ones I saw that night - two little girls dressed as superheroes, one was batgirl and the other supergirl. They both looked adorable! I can't wait until I have kids of my own because they're definitely going to be superheroes :-)

Work has been a nightmare. I slept yesterday during the day and last night but I'm still tired because it has just been so busy at work. The fact that I've been doing two nights on and two nights off doesn't help either. I really need that third day off once in a while so I can rest. I'm back to work tomorrow night (I don't want to go) and I'm working 3 nights in a row *ugh.* It's been so busy that I've been leaving a hour late *and* I've been working through my 2 hour break. Oh and my hands have started hurting again so I do all of this in pain. I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL MY VACATION NEXT WEEK! I will leave there without looking back, it's too bad I have to go back. My dream is to win the lottery while on vacation so I don't have to go back and do an easy nursing job (Ha! Is there such a thing?)

The new Guitar Hero came out, is anyone playing? My cousin is coming over so we can play together. Apparently in co-op mode you can unlock Bloc Party's Helicopter. I'm so excited!!! I've been practicing all morning so I can be good (because he's awesome in GH) I've also been playing The Sims Castaway for PSP (my eyes are so tired) My friend told me to get it so I did. We sort of help eachother in the game, he's ahead of me but some of the things that I found when I first started playing he hasn't found. I love my cousins and friend!

Stitching wise - I've been stitching. I finished my piece for the Fair and Square Exchange. I swear the angels sang when I put in that last stitch hehe. I liked what I stitched but the fear of my partner not liking it was just putting a damper on stitching it. I hope she likes it, it was so hard trying to find something to stitch for her. I'll post a picture of it when she receives it, I mailed it off to her today so maybe by next week I'll have something to post :)

Now it's time for the pictures! *Yea* My favorite part of blogging :)
I finished Lizzie Kate's Boo Squared. Me and Lizzie (because we're on a first name basis)have a love/hate relationship. I love her because she got me into stitching hardcore but then I hate her because after a while EVERYTHING looks the same...right now I'm in between. I'm glad Boo Squared is done but I don't see the excitement to it, maybe it's because my eyelet stitches SUCK! (Please don't stare too hard!) I think I'll send it off to get finished because right now I don't have the time to be creative.
I thought I'd want to post a picture of myself in my costume down here but now that I see it on top I think I'll leave it there. That's me in my Halloween costume! I was the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty and my cousin was Sleeping Beauty. It's a shame I don't have picture of us together so here's one by herself.
And lastly this is last year's picture of my and my cousin's my favorite costume to date! TTFN


Toni said...

I love your Lizzie finish. Last night while out with the grandbaby's I saw the cutest cat and the lady had him dressed up as a mouse!!! very cute.


Anonymous said...

I love the costumes, Mercy! Kel & I did Jack & Sally pumpkins (pics on my blog). I wish more adults dressed up here ... it's far more the kids.
Your L*K looks great & your eyelet stitches do NOT suck!
Have fun with your vacation time next week! May I go along? ;o)

Kim said...

The costumes are great! Have you been the West Village parade? I was walking around the area yesterday on my way to Penn Station, and people had the best costumes.

Ranae said...

I am sad halloween is over too.
As for Guitar Hero II, I love it and want it for Christmas, and I'm forty something, lol.
My DD friend brought it over one evening, it was so fun.
LK is adorable.
The costumes are great.

Cheryl said...

I love your costume Mercy! You looked great! Its funny to think of everyone dressed up over there...halloween is really not a big thing here. Although i can see that changing...we seem to pick up on all things american eventually.
Enjoy your vacation :)

J Rae said...

Great costumes! Love the ones from last year! :-)

Cute finish!

Carla said...

Love your Halloween custome!!!
Cute L*K finish, I think your eyelets looks great!
Enjoy your vacation

Juls said...

Love the costumes!!!!
I'm kinda sad it's over as well.... I never did finish Toil and Trouble.....I'm stitching it on PTPlus Heritage 32ct material. HTH

Sharon said...

Your costumes looks great! Love the LK finish. I hope work will get better for you.