Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have two finishes to show *yea* one I finished today at my stitchy meet.

M Designs - Sampler Girls
Stitched on recommended fabric with recommended threads

I fudged the border and added a little heart between my initials and year. I'm happy at how my initials came out, I was worried about them because I didn't chart them out before stitching them, so you know my head is big right now because I think they came out really nice LOL. The plan is to have it framed in a box, which I plan to store my scissors in with my needle magnets.

Homespun Elegance - Autumn Time
Stitched on Cream 32ct Linen with recommended floss.

This one had A LOT of french knots and the directions said to use 3 strands which I found to be a PIA and made them come out "ugly." For the tree I just used two and I think those are much prettier...I love french knots!

This is Summer Snapperland framed! The first frame that I picked out got discontinued and I'm really no good at picking out frames so Kelly picked this one out. I wish he wouldn't have gotten a light frame since now I have a hard time finding a place to hang it (our walls are almond) but I do like how it came out, looks very summery! If I had a summer house I'd definitely hang it there. I may hang it in my room since the walls are purple and you can really appreciate the framing against them. Now all that's left is to stitch Autumn and I'll be done with the series.

Well I'm about 43 minutes overdue for a nap (I love being on vacation!) so first I'm going to put my new project on my Q-Snaps and then I'll try to nap for a while. My cousin is hosting a fight party and I really don't want to go but I may make an appearance just so they don't say I never go. Later Gators!


Kathy said...

Nice finishes. Love the frame on Summer Snapperland. It looks like it was weathered by the sea. Perfect.

Nic said...

Great finishes - and I think the frame on Summer Snapperland really suits it!

Cheryl said...

Lovely finishes Mercy and that frame is perfect.

Kim said...

Great finishes! I love the stitchhing on summer snapperland, and good job picking the frame Kelly.

Heidi said...

Great finishes. :)

Carla said...

Beautiful finishes!! Love Summer Snapperland :)

Katrina said...

Everything is very pretty! Love the frame too.

Yuko said...

Hi, it's first time for me to leave comment here! I came across from cheryl's blog, and I found this M designs post!
I have done the same design before, and had finished this for Tin-Can, this design is so lovely, isn't it?!
I really love it, but it had been to my friend's place, so I will make another one for myself!
Anyway, yours is really beautiful, I love your other projects, too!

Michelle said...

Your Summer Snapperland looks so fabulous framed! Love it!