Thursday, November 08, 2007

Plenty of Mistakes

I think this piece would have been done by now if I didn't spend more time frogging than stitching *grrr* You know it had to be bad if I had to frog it because I don't frog if I can avoid it. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying it; the little girls are just too adorable for it to bother me that much. There's still a mistake in the border but I discovered it too late so it will just have to stay there and I'll work around it. Maybe I can move on to a new project this weekend? Saturday I'm going to my not so LNS in NJ to stitch, if I can wake up in time. I'm taking the bus *shudder* so it should provide me with lots of stitching time!

Thanks so much for the well wishes. I've finally decided to go to the doctor, I need my flu shot and while there I'll tell him to give me a precription for antibiotics. I've been leaving my house since 10am though so I don't know what time I'll get there...maybe after this I'll leave. I just really hate waiting. If I was smart I would have went early so I could be the first one there. Now it's too late :-( BUT if I wait a little longer then all the SAHM's will have to go and pick up their kids sooooo the waiting room will be empty! *insert evil laugh*

I leave you guys with a picture of my darling baby Ana because nothing is cuter than a dog sleeping curled up :-) Sometimes I just want to scoop her up and snuggle her when she's sleeping like this. She also has to go back to the doctor *ugh* I guess today is a doctor day, the only bad part about taking her to the doctor is that I can't take my stitching with me because I have to try to keep her calm so she doesn't freak out too bad while waiting. TTFN!

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Carla said...

Nice progress on your wip, this design is lovely :)
Ana is a cutie!