Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stash for sale!

I cleaned up the stash corner that's in my room. I go on vacation in 2 weeks so I plan to clean out my major stash corner then and get rid of some more. I have way too much and it's making me cranky LOL. It's mostly charts. I'm tempted to put my entire DMC collection for sale if I don't find a convenient way to store them but that's for another day I think. Anyway I put up a list on my wishlist blog if anyone cares to look. I have lots to blog about but it's late and I have to wake up early tomorrow to get my hair done (wash and cut) plus I work tomorrow night (and for the next 3 nights!)

Thanks for all the smile awards! I was surprised and HAPPY that I make people smile :) It came at a perfect time too because I was feeling in the dumps (still am but I'm getting over it) More about that later! I'm off to bed. Here's the link to my wishlist blog PrettyPnkWishes

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Meari said...

Just curious... How do you store your DMC threads?