Saturday, May 17, 2008

Freebie Month Continues!

Here are two freebies that I finished this month. Both were my train projects and one of them is for an exchange. I know my partner doesn't read my blog but just in case she stumbles across it I won't say which one :-) Sorry if the pictures are dark...I want a new camera and haven't been feeling like "playing" with my "old" camera.
Barbara Ana's Designs
Home is Where the Heart Is
Stitched on 32 ct Lt Sand Belfast Linen
Stitched with DMC Threads
Brightneedle Designs
Blue Moon (from the Small Samplings Book)
Stitched on 28ct Jazlyn (Unknown Color) Dyeing 4 U fabric
Stitched with DMC and WDW

Side note: I miss Dyeing 4 U...they made some awesome fabric and their FOTM and TOTM clubs were great. If anyone personally knows the people who ran the company tell them I miss them LOL.

Well that's all for now...I'm stitching on another Brightneedle piece. It seems like they're my new favorite designer :-) I've been stitching on it off and on now for a while. It seems like every time I pick it up to stitch on something happens between Kelly and me and since it's for him I can't stitch on far this time nothing has happened so I may be able to finish it this time around. TTYL and thanks for visiting!!!!


Barbara said...

Wow, those are some really gorgeous finishes!!

karenv said...

Great finishes! I love the Brightneedle one especially.

Carla said...

Lovely finishes, Mercy! How are you planning to finish these?

Kim B said...

Beautiful pieces! Can't wait to see how you finish them!

Cheryl said...

Great finishes Mercy! And freebies too? That's fab.
Hope you're having a good weekend :)

Nic said...

Lovely finishes - I especially like the Brightneedle one, they are one of my favourite designers.

ImnVerted said...

Your finishes are great. Looking at the Brightneedle one - Im ready for the beach!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes Mercy!

staci said...

Darling finishes! Love that brightneedle~~is it a freebie?