Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pictures to share!

I went to my not so LNS yesterday for our monthly stitch in, those that meet at their LNS can tell you how relaxing this can be. I always have fun there, I just wish I could get their earlier.

Well while there I had 2 lovely surprises waiting for me - FRAMING! I have no place to hang them but I bought some easel thingees and plan on displaying at Kelly's apartment. His apartment is so bare, I wish I had something big enough to hang. He wanted to hang one of my Shepherd's Bush on the biggest wall of his house which just made the wall look bigger LOL. Right now the plan is to display them by the window in the living room. It has a big enough inside ledge to put things on.

Shepherd's Bush Trick or Treat.

I didn't get it framed with the mats and stuff because I didn't like them. It looked too washed out. I love how it looks in this frame better!

Shepherd's Bush Fright.

I opted for the frame and mats on this one and the frame is just so funky! The mats are too, I love it :)

I'm suppose to be stitching on my Fair and Square Exchange but yesterday I had no wanting to stitch on it and picked up Victoria's Quaker again. I love stitching on this piece, I really do. It's big but stitches up somewhat quickly. Here's what I got done in about an hour or so of stitching. May not look like much but to me it is. You can see what it looked like before here.

Now this is something I DID NOT STITCH. I got it from CATS. I forget which booth but they were selling old finished models. The ladies in the booth had no idea of the designer so I bought it hoping someone would know something about it. If no one knows then I may just stitch from it. I felt really bad buying it. I only paid $18 for it and I know as a stitcher it's worth more.

I took Ana to the doctor, it's worse that I thought it was. She has allergies but they're pretty bad :( She has to be on medication (one being an antibiotic) for atleast 4 weeks. She's still itchy but not as she was before and her face is still red sometimes but she's getting better. I hate having to shove pills down her throat. I don't have to do it all the time, the doctor gave me Pill Pockets to make a treat out of her pills and sometimes (most of the time) she takes it but sometimes she has no interest in it. Here she is on her new bed (I had to throw out the old one because we don't know what is giving her this allergy.)

I work tonight and I'm not looking forward to it. I called out absent on Sunday because of my cousin's daughter's baptism (I am her Godmother) so I don't even feel like seeing my nurse manager in the morning. I going to stitch for a while before having to get ready to leave. But before I sign out I wanted to share 2 things (non-stitching related) I'm going back to school for my BSN (Bachelor's in Nursing) in January. My hospital has this new program where they offer classes in the hospital. Adelphi University is the school that's offering it, I went to Adelphi and wanted to go back for my BSN so I signed up. I start in January! I also started studying for certification. When I pass the test (I still have some more requirements to fill before I apply mainly continuing education credit/hours) I get a new letter to add after my name (RN-BC or RN-C) and more money :-) Ok now I go off to stitch and watch season one of Heroes. Save the cheerleader, save the world!


Sharon said...

Beautiful framing! I am glad Ana feels a little better-so sorry to hear about the allergies.

Good luck with your BSN program!

Cindy said...

Awesome framed pieces. What a great surprise :)

I'm working on Fright right now, and I the frame & mats!

Kathy said...

Nice framed pieces.

Try putting the pills into little pieces of hot dog. I have a little dog and this worked for her. I just stuffed the pill into one end and turned that end away from her as I gave it to her and she did not even know she had taken a pill. She learned to pick the pill out of cheese, bread and peanut butter. The piece does not have to be real big. Just big enough to hide the pill. Good luck!!

Katrina said...

Poor puppie, hope she's better soon.

Love all your framing, SB is on of my favorites. You could hang four or five pictures together in Kelly's apartment so it's not just one hanging out there by itself.

Best wishes for your classes!

Petra said...

Congrats on going back to school!
Sorry to hear about Ana, my mom's dog Tobi has the same issue and takes medication off and on; depending on the severity...

Michelle said...

Your SB pieces are so cute - congrats on having them framed, they look great. Good luck with school - congratulations on signing up!

Barb said...

Just found your blog. It's so nice. Your stitching is great. I too love to stitch and my pups and DH are my best friends...Ana is sooo cute. My Cooper has allergies too, they sure can be miserable.


Cheryl said...

Your framed pieces look great Mercy! VQ sure is stitching up quickly, it's lovely.
That's great you are going back to school.
((hugs)) to Ana
You have an award on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

The finished model that you bought is called Pumpkin Stick and is from Ewe and Eye and Friends. I stitched it many years ago and still use it to decorate my home at Halloween.
Enjoy your blog.