Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I have a bad case of startitis and we all know what happens when that finishes! I have an almost finish and I'm really close to finishing it but yesterday I decided to start something new from my newly acquired stash. Here are my latest WIPs
This is how far I've gotten with Victoria's Quaker. I like stitching on it and wish I had more time with it. I stitched on it yesterday at my monthly stitch meet.

This is my work project. It's The Silver Needle's Secret Needle Night for September. It's close to being done and I thought I would finish it on my days off but the project below SCREAMED my name and I just had to start it.
Now this is Light Your Way by Blackbird Designs and it's in the Trix or Treat book which was released in 2005. I wasn't going to stitch this at all but last week when I went to my LNS someone was dropping theirs off and I fell in love with hers so naturally I had to stitch it. The original is done in all black (WDW Onyx) but she changed the colors and it looked so PRETTY! I can't wait to finish mine.

Did anyone see Back To You tonight? I watched it tonight and I can not imagine Kelsey Gramer as anyone but Frasier. I kept waiting for Nyles to come or for him to start yelling about something. I miss Frasier :( Thank goodness for re-runs and TV on DVD.

I made a tough decision today, I'm not going to CATS :( I was excited about going and looking forward to meeting some of the people from my group but there are some things (actually one thing) going on right now that's preventing me from feeling comfortable enough to go away. I feel as though the week of vacation I took off is wasted, I know a bad day fishing beats a good day at work but really right now I rather be at work than at having nothing to do. The only good news about this is that I save money.

Before I forget, I got my square from Tina for the Fair and Square Exchange! It's so pretty :-) She stitched me a tree which has some specialty stitches. The finishing plan for this is hmmm maybe a pinkeep!
Well that's all from me, I have 2 more nights to work and then I'm off for a week. I'll probably try to catch a show during my vacation, I've been wanting to see Wicked or Les Miserables (or however you spell it) or maybe even Hairspray! TTFN!


Mindi said...

I love all of your starts, you're getting almost as bad as I am with startitis. The squares will make a lovely pinkep.

Sharon said...

Great starts Mercy, we all get like at times-at least I do-LOL Great exchange. Have a great week off!

Cheryl said...

From a fellow sufferer of startitis i know how you feel!! Love the new starts, especially Victoria's quaker. Ive seen that on a few blogs recently and i really like it.
Hope everything's ok

Ranae said...

Hi! Love all the WIP's and the sqaure is awesome. I enjoyed stitching my BBD. I love all the designs in that book.

Vonna said...

All your WIP's look splendid!
And you know a good few days at home is always a rejuvenator to me...hearth and home...enjoy your time off :)