Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some Pics :-)

I put some of my Halloween decorations out, I just couldn't wait. Every store I go into has all the Halloween stuff out so why can't I put out some, right? I'm still looking for a place to put my Halloween Village and I still have to decorate the outside but it'll wait until the end of the month.

I tried my hand at decorating a wreath - it's not the greatest but here it cousin does a GREAT job at making them, unfortunately I think that gene skipped me :(

This is my latest Halloweeny finish :-) I still have to finish my finishes, I've had the time just not the motivation *ugh*

Now here's something I've been wanting to share. The first picture I took of my scissor collection only had 10 scissors. My collection has since grown to 20 and here's a picture of them together :-) (Clockwise starting with the blue pair are Alyssa, Lindsey, regular gingher, Sophia, Julia, Brown Bohin, Maria, Olivia, Ice Cream Swirl, Lanell, Penelope, Ladybug Dovo, Cassandra, Jamie, Blue Bohin, Amanda, Ashley, Silver Dovo's and in the middle from the left are Leah and Cheetah. I do have Bianca on order at my LNS so as soon as she comes out she'll join my scissor family.)

Pretty no? My new scissors include 2 Dovo's, 2 Bohin's, 2 Gingher's and 1 Tooltron and here they are individually (the new ones)

My Bohin's - the blue ones are currently my favorite!

My Dovo's. The ladybug pair are a bit fragile, the coating is starting to rub off :( The silver ones are my most expensive pair (if you don't count the $ I could get if I sold some of my older Gingher's, which I'd never do.) This store had them for $66.50 but was going out of business, sad for them but good for me because I got them at 50% off! Is that a steal or what? They're like 3 pairs of Dovo's that I've been eyeing and may get one of these days. I love scissors! LOL

My basic Gingher's. I love love love the fob I have on them.

My Ice Cream Swirls - purple is my favorite color!

Now for my latest WIPs, I'm not stitching anything Halloweeny right now. I guess I'll start again when I go back to work since they're so easy to carry around in my bag. Anyway on to my WIPs - the top one is Sheepish Designs "Betsy" I stitched on it earlier today and got that Peacock done - I hated it...too much thinking LOL. The bottom one is AMAP's Victoria's Quaker and I'm LOVING it! Well it's late and I'm off to bed. Only 2 more days left of my mini vacation :(


Lelia said...

What a post! Luv the halloween decs. Out here, the Christmas & Thanksgiving decs are on display, too.

Love seeing all your scissors on display. Mine are usually in drawers! I don't know how many I actually own ... I did purchase a couple of the Dovo brand scissors. I think I like the ones made in Spain - Tres Claveles [possibly misspelled] that is the pair of scissors I grab most often & seems to be my favourite.

Vonna said...

Ohh.....I love the Halloween decorating! HURRAY, it's really cute!!!
I think your wreath looks good, the bow is super!
WIPs look great too...yea! for days off, right?!

Mindi said...

Love the picture of all your scissors. I've just started collecting more, since it seems I need to leave at least a pair in every room I stitch in.

Michelle said...

Wow! How fabulous that you are decorating for Halloween - I love Halloween. Your WIPs look fabulous (gotta love that peacock). And I am really impressed with all of your beautiful scissors!

Ranae said...

Love the Halloween decor. It is a fun holiday.
Wow!! Look at all those scissors, I have started my collection, but near not as many.
The WIP's are looking great.

monique said... those scissors pics!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, You've done some lovely stitching. I've just had a flick through your blog :o) That quilt is gorgeous isn't it.

Anita said...

I love your Halloween decoration.I am so impressed with your scissor collection. I have started collecting Gingher last year.
I do have a few that I bought last year.

Sharon said...

Your Halloween decor looks lovely. Love all the scissors, I don't think I had ever seen the Cassandra's before. I just started seriously collecting in the last couple of years.

I have Sophia, Lanell, Alyssa, Olivia, Glory, and Jamie. I have Bianca coming. But seeing yours makes me think I need to work on it some more-LOL

Tracey said...

Gorgeous scissors!! I need (well ok maybe not need) another pair or Love your Halloween decorations! I need to get my stuff out. Your stitching is looking lovely!

Yasmin said...

Wow! I;ve never seen so may beautiful scissors before! They are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have great looking Halloween decorations and your wreath is very cute. Awesome collection of scissors you have. Your peacock looks great. I can't wait to see more of your AMAP's Victoria's Quaker.

Sandy said...

I love all your decorations, can I ask where you found the Halloween tree?

You have a great scissor collection too.

TFS everything.